Sport has always been popular in the Australian community.

From the first rugby union game to the current A-League and Rugby World Cup, the sport has enjoyed a significant following across the country.

But, with the popularity of the AFL expected to continue to rise, how popular is Australia’s most popular sport?

Is the AFL the sport of choice for the average Australian?

Read moreA new survey conducted by the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) suggests that although the AFL has enjoyed an impressive run of success, the average player has not enjoyed the same level of support from their team mates.

While only 1 in 4 players surveyed (23 per cent) said they were at least somewhat supportive of their team, a similar proportion (23%) said they supported the likes of the Bulldogs and Geelong.

This indicates that despite AFL teams having an impressive track record of winning the flag, support for the sport is not universal across the sport.

However, while a majority of players (57 per cent), were satisfied with their team’s support, a much smaller number (18 per cent of respondents) said that the support they received from their teammates had helped them become better players.

The survey also found that more than one-third (35 per cent, or 792 respondents) of players who responded felt that they were not doing enough to win games, or felt their team was not playing their best football.

However there was no obvious correlation between this perceived lack of support and perceived performance on the field.

This was most clearly seen when it came to the perceived value of a winning football team.

While the AFL’s recent successes have led to some widespread support for its teams, players from both sides of the ball have criticised the game.

Some, such as AFL legend Wayne Carey, have been outspoken about the way the game has been played in recent years, and suggested that there is a “correlation between losing and losing badly”.

While some players have criticised a lack of playing style, the majority of respondents said that a lack to compete at the highest level is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

This suggests that whilst there is some positive message in the ASF survey, players still have a lot to learn from AFL.

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