The NHL has released a new preseason ratings system, which allows for more accurate predictions of which teams will make the playoffs.

It also gives us the ability to adjust preseason rankings to match the actual NHL standings.

The ratings are based on preseason scoring data from Hockey Prospectus, which includes games, statistics, game times and more.

The NHL released the numbers earlier this week.

The system uses scoring data to determine which teams have the most or least chance to make the Stanley Cup Playoffs and to predict which teams are most likely to finish in the top four.

The data also provides a new way for fans to compare their team’s performance in the regular season to the standings, which can help determine which team will make it to the Stanley of Champions.

The new ratings system comes just a few months after the NHL announced it was looking at adjusting its preseason ratings to match a more realistic regular season.

It has already done that in 2016.

It is worth noting that the NHL did not change the preseason ratings in 2016, but instead adjusted them.

This means the ratings for this year’s preseason are the same as they were last year.

The league has also released a more accurate preseason ratings chart.

The chart uses more advanced stats, including shot attempts, goals, shots on goal, shots blocked, blocked shots, hits and blocked shots on net, as well as scoring chance differential.

The chart also shows the number of goals scored in each game, as compared to the number scored during the regular regular season (which is different than the standings).

This data is not affected by the preseason rankings, as the NHL uses it for its regular season ratings.