More than 20,000 members of the ski-resort ski-area ski-lovers club Valdelsas Sporting Club in south-east Ontario have signed up for a new social media campaign called ‘Valdels’ Sports’ to encourage skiing in their community.

The club’s president, Tom Clements, said the aim is to make skiing a sport for all the kids in Valdles, from the youngest of eight to the oldest of 67.

“We want to give kids an opportunity to go skiing,” he said.

“We want them to enjoy it.

And we want to keep our ski areas safe and healthy.”

The new campaign, launched Monday, will include new hashtags such as #ValdlesSports, #Val dels, and #ValDelsSportsClub.

The campaign also includes a video message, written by Valdls skier and avid outdoorsman Dave Oakes, who recently died.

“I’ve had a long time to think about this.

It is time to bring back the sport of skiing to our community.

It’s time to make ValdELS a place where the kids can go skiing, and enjoy the snow,” he says in the video.

The group is also hoping to use social media to reach out to parents and children in the Valdel area and ask them to sign up.

The new social network will be available for members of, and

Members of ValdelnsportsClub, who are all active members, will be able to sign in and participate with a link to the campaign, which they can then share with friends, family and others on social media.

“Our ski-land community has a lot of pride in ValDELS.

This is the time to give them the confidence to ski again, and get back to skiing,” Clements said.

Membership for Valdals Sporting Club is free.