Chico’s Sports Club is a downtown bar and restaurant that was a popular hangout in the area.

The restaurant’s owners, Mike and Kristina Schulz, had been planning to open the new location in the Chico Historic District since 2015.

They had hoped to open in 2019.

“We just couldn’t get any approvals,” Mike Schulz told Business Insider.

“We had our license plates from the Chisos, we were all in favor, but we were not able to get the approval.”

The new Chico sports bar will be the third location in downtown Chico, the Schulzs’ hometown.

It will include a lounge and bar area, a seating area for up to 200, and a beer garden.

Mike Schulz says the restaurant will be open for business every day.

“We’re going to have a beer-centric menu, but there’s also food, and we’re going in the direction of doing something new,” Mike said.

“I want people to be excited.

We’re not going to change anything about our concept.” 

Chico’s is the only Chico-area restaurant that has officially been licensed by the state.

But Mike Schutz said he’s already had some positive feedback from the state and from the local business community.

“I think Chico has a really good reputation and I think people are really happy about it,” Mike told Business Ink.

“A lot of the people in the community, it’s a good vibe, and it’s an easy to get around place.” 

When it comes to Chico being the first new sports bar in Chico to open, Mike Schulis is confident in his plan.

He said he plans to keep it in Chisota to give Chico a new look and feel.

Chico is a very small town, but Mike Schuilz hopes it will attract more people.

There will be seating for 300 people in Chicon Sports Bar, and another 250 people will be able to watch the game on a big screen at Chico Plaza.

Mike said the bar will also have a video screen that will be set up with live video of the game.

The new sports club will be in the same location that Mike Schurls Chico restaurant is in.

Mike Schuelis says the new Chiso Sports Club will be a popular spot for fans to hang out.

Mixed reviews The new space in Chisco has mixed reviews from Chico residents.

The Chico Historical District Commission approved Chico as the first “major development” in Chizos Historic District, but it was met with mixed reviews.

Chico Historical Commission Chair Mark Pinto said he expected Chico would be a little less popular than other places in Chisa.

“People might be a bit disappointed with Chico because it’s the smallest place,” Pinto told BusinessInsider.

“But I’m very happy that Chico is getting a lot of attention.”

“I’m sure that people are going to enjoy Chico in the neighborhood,” said Chico Mayor Donnie Johnson.

According to the Chica Historical District, Chico was home to the first Mexican immigrants and became the first Hispanic community in the state in the early 20th century.

For now, Chisis Historic District is allowing new restaurants to open as long as they follow the guidelines for a neighborhood and do not disturb the historical buildings.

 “I hope that Chisas Historic District does what is best for Chico and the community,” said Pinto.

“Chisos Historic district is not doing that.”

Chico has already had mixed reviews on the Chiseler website.

As of Sunday, the Chismeler website was up with only one comment.

That comment said, “I’m happy that we have a sports bar.

I like Chisole as a place, but I don’t think it’s Chisolike, and I hope they change their name to Chisolas Sports Club,” the owner of Chisoles Sports Club told Business Inch.

“Hopefully Chisols will be on their way to Chisa soon.”

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