Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf has made a bid to re-take the WNBA title and the league is in discussions with several teams about a potential relocation. 

Reinsduff’s bid is expected to be announced this week in Washington DC, but sources told ESPN that Reinsfors bid is not a done deal. 

“We have not heard anything concrete from ReinssDorf,” league spokeswoman Kate Cramer told ESPN. 

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Bulls are discussing a possible relocation, with some of the teams interested in the opportunity. 

Chicago is the only WNBA team without an NBA team. 

A bid for a league-wide title would not be unprecedented, as the NBA has attempted to rebrand the WBA in recent years. 

However, there are other major reasons why ReinsDorf might want to return the WBC to the NBA. 

In 2016, the league announced it was suspending the WBEA, and it was not clear what would happen with the WBO, WNBA, and WNBA-TBA. 

Last year, the WPSL announced it would be ending its current affiliation with the National Women’s Soccer League. 

Cramer told the Chicago Tribune that it would not make any comment on what might happen with a potential league-state title. 

According to ESPN, Chicago and other NBA cities are considering relocation of WNBA teams. 

While the Chicago area has a strong fan base and has been known to be a hotbed of basketball fandom, there has been a recent drop in attendance. 

Earlier this year, Chicago lost out to Las Vegas for the NBA’s Western Conference finals. 

And in 2017, the city had to be relocated to a different city in the United States due to a series of earthquakes in the Midwest. 

It’s unclear if Chicago will be able to rejoin the NBA this year. 

Sources: ESPN, WBO website, Chicago Sun Times