Posted March 03, 2019 06:16:23A sports reporter from the Wall Street journal is now the sports reporter at a sports bar.

And the sports bar in question is not a traditional sports bar like the one that is now a sports magazine.

That’s because the sports editor at the journal has been replaced by a sports columnist, and the new sports editor has hired a new sports columnist.

The new sports editors of the Journal, published by the WSJ Group, include sports writer Scott Henson, a former Wall Street reporter who has also worked at The New York Times, The New Yorker and other outlets.

The Wall Street journals sports editor is Mark Mazzarella, who previously worked at the New York Post.

Henson will be reporting from New York City, and he will be the lead sports writer for the journal.

Mazzarella’s former boss, The Wall Journal editor-in-chief, Bob Woodward, who has been at the paper for nearly two decades, has been elevated to the job of editor-at-large.

Mozaffari, the former Wall St. reporter who had worked for the Journal since 2007, will replace Woodward.

The Journal has previously said that Woodward is not stepping down.

Woodward has been on leave since last year.

Mizaffari and Woodward have worked together at The Wall House, a sports pub in London that has hosted sports broadcasts since it opened in 1997.