It’s going to be exciting to see where the next generation of DC Sports Club comes from.

The current DC Sports club, the upenn sports club (UPENN), was founded in 2013 as a way for DC Sports to develop its athletes and their abilities.

The UPENN team has been around for more than a decade, and is one of the oldest in the sport.

It’s been around since 1997 and has a history that includes a national championship in the 1980s.

It was also a sponsor for the 1996 Olympic games.

DC Sports, on the other hand, has a reputation for not having a strong, dedicated and supportive sports program.

Its sports program is run by former UPENN basketball coach Jim Morrill and former UPenn hockey coach Brian Burke, who was a coach for several seasons at Penn State University.

The program has produced more than 50 players and coaches, and the team is also home to the now-retired Tom Leach, who has worked for DC for two decades.

The two men have built the UPENN program from scratch, and Morrill is now the executive director of the program.

“It’s really a little bit of an evolution,” Morrill said.

“The first time we ever really had a team, it was probably about eight years ago.

We had a small group of people that played together.

We kind of started out as a small team and we expanded, and we got bigger and bigger, and then I guess we finally went to a full team.”

Morrill and Burke said they wanted to create a program that was inclusive and that was respectful of its athletes.

That meant developing a program with multiple athletic departments, with different sports and backgrounds.

The new UPENN sports program has been at the center of a lot of controversy.

Morrill said the team’s new athletic director, Brian Burke (left), will bring a lot to the table.

Burke was a Penn State hockey coach who was in charge of the UPenn sports program and worked for the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers, who were then in the NHL.

Morrill believes Burke will be able to create something that DC Sports fans can be proud of.

“He’s a coach, a basketball coach, he’s a football coach, and he’s got a lot,” Morr said.

“I’m really excited to see him bring that kind of passion and experience to this new initiative and make it a great organization that is very much focused on its students, its parents and its future players.”

Burke, who served as the head coach of the upenny team, said he has no doubt the UPEN will continue to grow.

“There’s no doubt that the kids that are playing here will have a chance to go pro and do what they want to do in life, and I think that’s a very good thing,” Burke said.

But, he added, he has to make sure they have the right programs.

Burke has already had his eye on the future.

He’s already started working on his program, and said he will soon be bringing in a handful of new players.

He said he hopes the new program can be an example for other colleges in the area.

“You know, when we talk about success in the sports, we need to think about the success of our students and the success that the people who are working on this program have,” Burke added.

“So it’s a big step for us to see this as a positive, and to make the right decisions.”

Burkes new program will have more than 100 sports and activities for students to participate in.

Some activities include basketball, soccer, softball, soft-ball, basketball, and soft-tissue rehabilitation.

The team is still trying to figure out exactly how much the team can produce, and it will also have a football team.

Burke said he is also working on the football program, but would not comment on whether that program will include any football players.

The new UPenn program is also making a commitment to diversity.

Burke hopes to include more women in the program, as well.

Burkes goal is to build a community that is inclusive, but also is supportive of its students.

He has already been a mentor to a group of students at the UPenbs athletic program.

One of those students is Katie Smith, who is in her second year of college.

Smith was a student athlete at UPenn from 2015-16.

She said the UPens sports program was an inspiration to her.

“That’s how I feel about DC Sports and I feel like I’m part of that,” Smith said.

Smith said she has seen the benefits of having more women on the team, but she also hopes to see a stronger program from the school.

“This program is so much more than just football and basketball,” Smith added.

“They are making this whole thing about a basketball team and that’s really what it’s all about.

You can’t just look at football and say, ‘That