The Delaware Sports Clubs Association is set to begin its inaugural season on Saturday, but it’s going to need to have a lot of help.

The new league will be run by the Delaware Valley Football Association (DDFFA), which is led by the president of the Delaware Division of the NFL, and its chief executive officer, Rich DeMarco.

The league has two teams already playing in the region, but the DFFA has until the end of April to fill out a roster and field teams.

The DFFFA hopes to have at least 15 teams on the field by then.

Here are some highlights of the new league:The new Delaware Sports League will be officially announced on Saturday at the Delaware Union, which will be held in conjunction with the Delaware State Athletic Conference.

Delaware’s state athletic association will be the first to officially announce the league, which has not been announced yet. 

DeMarco will be in attendance, along with the DFA’s board of directors.

DeMarco said the DFSA will not be the only league in the state, but that he expects the association to have “a strong presence” in the Delaware area.

He said he plans to attend the Union as a member of the board of the association.

“The DFA is the only team that is going to have the ability to actually operate this league in Delaware,” DeMarco said.

“That’s going be a significant part of the equation for the league to succeed.

We’ve talked about the other two leagues, but this is the first one that will be an actual franchise.

We’ll be able to start to operate that in the coming weeks.”

The new DFSL has the potential to make up for the DDA’s inability to get a team to play games in Delaware.

The state’s public universities have said they are unlikely to play in the DDSA-run league. 

DFFA president Rich DeLucas (left) and Delaware State athletic commissioner Dan Schoenert (right) with Delaware Union President Mark Jeter (right).

Photo courtesy of Delaware Union.DFFFA President Rich DeMares (right), the Delaware DFA executive director, and Delaware Union president Mark Jeters (left).

Photo by Steve Fainaru/UPI | License Photo