What if people aren’t willing to pay?

It’s a question that has been raised by the owners of a popular fantasy sports site and some fans of other sports teams.

In February, an investigation by the Associated Press and other media outlets found that fantasy sports sites are exploiting the loophole in federal law that lets fans pay online without a physical ticket.

The AP and other outlets found a loophole in the Federal Trade Commission’s rules that lets people pay for tickets online without buying a ticket at a sports venue.

If a person who wants to purchase a ticket buys it at a local sports store, the ticket is sold to a person of their choosing, and then they can use a debit card to pay.

That is the only way for the buyer to use the card, not a ticket, according to the AP.

When the buyer’s debit card is used, the site automatically transfers the money to a customer’s bank account.

It is illegal for a person to make purchases with the debit card without a ticket.

But that is not the case for fans of fantasy sports, where the ticket isn’t physically on hand at a ticketed event.

The AP investigation also found that online sports betting sites are selling tickets to players without a proper ticket.

Those are not the same tickets that would have been available at the stadium.

The Associated Press also found online sports ticketing companies are selling fantasy sports tickets without a real ticket.

They are selling them at inflated prices.

Fans of fantasy teams are not allowed to use credit cards, which is why many people buy tickets on the site for the cheapest price they can find.

The AP found that customers of the site were not charged the same price as fans of a ticket with a real, physical ticket at the game.

For example, a $40 ticket to a March 11 game between the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers cost about $5.

The cheapest price anyone can find for the same ticket at that game is $25, the AP reported.