Sporting Club is no longer the name of the New Zealand club with a rich history in the sport of football, as it was in 1996 when it was renamed Sporting New Zealand.

The name of this former football club, which was also called the New-Zealand Club, was changed to “Sporting New Zealand” in 2011 after a number of lawsuits against the club over alleged misappropriation of funds.

Sporting has had a very poor financial history over the years and has been the subject of numerous investigations and claims of wrongdoing.

In a statement, the NZ Football Association said it was pleased to see the club have the opportunity to re-open and the players can focus on their rugby league commitments.

“It is important to recognise that the name change to Sporting New- Zealand was made as part of an ongoing investigation and legal process into allegations made by former players in the 1990s,” the statement said.

There are currently no plans to change the name.

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Former chief executive of the sportswear company, John Grant, said in a statement the decision was made after years of discussions with the board of directors and management team.

“It has been a difficult process and one we all share,” Grant said.

“The club has done well financially and the club has had many positive and exciting years over the last decade.

We are grateful to the NZFA for their ongoing support of the club and will continue to invest in its long-term development.”

Former New Zealand captain Grant and his wife Annabelle, pictured here in 2005, have been on a fundraising drive for the club to close.

(Supplied: John Grant)Former New Zealander Grant, who played for New Zealand at the 1986 World Cup and 1990 Rugby League World Cup, said he was happy the club would be back in business.

“We all were delighted that Sporting was back,” Grant told

Grant played seven years for New Zealas team, captaining them to the 1991 World Cup in England.

“Sporting had a great time over the 20 years of their existence and now we have the chance to put them back in the game,” he said.

“I hope they can continue to play well in the future and we will see what happens with the future of the team.”

Former club rugby player and coach John Grant was an assistant coach with the team and was an ambassador for the team in New Zealand before joining the New York Cosmos.

Grant said the club was the first of its kind in New-zealand and had a strong connection to New Zealanders and rugby league.

“I have no doubt the New Zealand club will be back,” he told

“They have great history there and it’s a really important part of the sports-industry there, so it’s great to see.”

Grant said he had been contacted by other former players, and hoped to contact the owners of the now-closed Sporting New York Club in New York.

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