As the summer sports season winds down, it’s time to look for a new venue to watch sports.

For the most part, sports stadiums aren’t built for the big-time events that come to town during the regular season, but for smaller events.

Here’s what you need to know about how to find one of the best places to watch baseball in Philadelphia.1.

The Phillies’ new stadium, Chase Field, is set to be the city’s first baseball stadium in over a century.

It will also be the first major league baseball stadium to have an artificial turf surface, which the Phillies say will help keep temperatures in the ballpark below the league average.2.

The team is going to have to pay the city to move the fans to the new stadium.

But the team said it has already secured more than $1.3 billion in taxpayer money.

The city will provide $350 million in bonds, the team announced on Thursday.

That money will be used to build a $1 billion stadium and upgrade the rest of the city with amenities like a stadium-like roof.

The stadium is scheduled to open in 2020.3.

The Braves, one of Philadelphia’s major professional sports teams, have also made plans to move their home games from the old Chase Field to the nearby Turner Field.

They have also agreed to build an entirely new stadium to house the team.

The Braves are scheduled to play their first game at Turner Field in 2021.