Israel’s Bham Sports Club, founded in 1948 by former NBA player Bham Osgood, has won a World Cup bid.

The bid was announced on Monday by the Israeli government, which has been pressing the Israelis and Bham to join the tournament since last year.

The Israeli bid is expected to be accepted at the FIFA congress in December, and the team is set to play a friendly against the United States in Stuttgart in February.

The team was founded by Osgood in 1949 and won a bronze medal in the 1956 Berlin Olympics.

Bham became a major sponsor of the Israeli team in 1956, and its logo became synonymous with the country’s basketball team.

The Israelis, who also have a team in Israel, have won five medals at the Olympics, and they also reached the final of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Bham also has a club in the United Kingdom.

The club was formed in 1967 by former Israeli basketball star Bham Yitzhak Barak.

It became a sponsor of Israel’s national basketball team and has won eight medals, including a silver medal in 2006, and a bronze in 1992.

Israel’s team has won four medals at Olympics, including two golds in Beijing.

Blaming Bham, the team’s owner, told Haaretz last year that his team had not yet played a match since the Olympics.

“The Israelis have been waiting for a long time,” he said.

“If they had not won the Olympics we would not have been able to organize a team.”

Bham Sports will be part of Israel at the 2019 World Cup in Qatar.

Israel’s Olympic delegation, the Bhams’ team and the Israeli Olympic Committee are expected to attend the congress in Dubai.

Bhal said the team will start preparations for the 2019 Olympics on December 2.

“We are looking forward to welcoming our team and our fans to our country in the stadium in Qatar,” he added.