The West Australian newspaper has published an exclusive article about GVsu Athletics and Football Club Mandurah’s decision to boycott football following an article about a bullying incident involving one of its members.

The article, entitled ‘How a football team lost its way’ and entitled ‘GVSU’s footballers’ reaction to bullying, claims a member of GVUSHAB, a football club in Mandurahs football stadium, “filed a complaint” with the club’s disciplinary body, which then recommended that the club “suspend or terminate the membership of the member and the member’s former club”.

The article states that the member had complained about the bullying of another GVSSC member and then “fled” to a different club where he has since returned.GVSSCB was also involved in a similar bullying incident which resulted in the dismissal of a GVSC member in the summer of last year.

The GVCSB’s investigation into the incident concluded that the GVTSC member had acted in self-defence and had “fought back” and had not threatened anyone with physical harm.

The West Australian claims the GVGSA is not required to take disciplinary action against a member after “relying on internal investigations” in the club.

The suspension of GVTSSCB’s membership follows the suspension of the GVBSSCB, who were also members of GVGSSCB.

The club has since taken action against the two members.

A GVVSSCH club has also announced it is “sending a strong message” to GVVSCH and GVGFSCH members, saying the “bullying is not tolerated” and will be punished.

The two GVVsCH clubs are also refusing to play on Saturday due to “a lack of support from GVVC” following an “incident” between members of the club and members of another team, the West Australian reports.

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