Delaware Sports Clubs (DSC) has been in operation since 1984, and it has been a part of the Delaware Sports community for over a decade.

The DSC has a strong history in Delaware and has served as a source of pride and support for the people of Delaware since it opened its doors in 1983.

DSCs are private clubs with memberships and membership is based on a range of factors, from age, skill level, and physical ability to the amount of training a member has received.

DSPs are governed by a Board of Directors, which is made up of five members.

The Board of the DSC includes three non-voting members and two active members.

All DSC members have a vote in choosing the DSP Board.

Delaware is also a state with a unique set of sports that have come to be known as the “DSP” or Delaware Sports.

The term “Dsp” refers to the Delaware Sport and the term “doubles” refers specifically to the sport of hockey.

Both the sport and the name “Doubles”, along with the “dodge” in Delaware, are derived from the name of the sport, “Dodge”, and the number 12, which stands for Delaware, “the land of the twelve”.

Both sports are considered “official” by the state, and are not associated with any specific sports team, club, or organization.

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