— A new sports and leisure club has received $1 million in federal funding for its renovation and expansion.

The Boulder City Council voted unanimously to approve the $1,200,000 Boulder Sports and Recreation Center Improvement Project, a new $25 million facility that would bring more than 1,000 new jobs to the city.

“The new facility is designed to allow people to exercise in their own style and experience leisure and sports on the same level as in the past,” Boulder Mayor Pat McCrory said in a statement.

In addition to sports, the new building would include an outdoor track and a mixed-use amenity complex.

The Boulder Sports & Recreation Center is part of a multiyear program that will also provide more than 200 full-time positions and more than 150 part-time jobs.

Councilwoman Barbara Haines said the project also includes a new fitness center, a gym, and a new recreation center for families.

Boulder also has the third-highest number of sports teams in the country.