The ABC has rolled out its new ABC Sports App, which is now available on Android and Apple TV.

In addition to being the home of ABC Sport and the ABC Sport app, it now also offers ABC Sport’s live and local television channels, as well as the ABC’s official app and the popular ABC Sports podcast.

The app is a collaboration between ABC Sports and ABC Entertainment.

It includes the ABC News app, the ABC sports podcast, the app for iOS and Android devices, the mobile app for iPhone and iPad and the mobile podcast app for Windows and Mac OS.

“With the ABC App, fans can access the ABCs official apps on Apple TV, Android, and Windows, and the official app for Mac, as they would on the ABC TV app,” ABC Entertainment chief executive David Gyngell said.

“Fans can access live games from across the ABC, including ABC Sport, ABC News, ABC Radio, and ABC Sport 2.0.”

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