Sports fans are a rare breed.

But when it comes to finding your favorite soccer players, the chances are you will have to look no further than local bars, bars, clubs and even a local hotel.

Below, we take a look at the top 20 places to find the best soccer players in Denver.


The Old Denver Sports Bar, Old Denver, Colorado 2.

The Rocky Mountain Club, Rocky Mountain, Colorado 3.

The Silver City Sports Bar & Grill, Silver City, Colorado 4.

The Sports Lounge, Silver Springs, Colorado 5.

The Westfield Sports Bar and Grill, Westfield, Colorado 6.

The Colorado Soccer Club, Denver, CO 7.

The Denver Sky Lounge, Denver Sky, CO 8.

The South Park Soccer Bar, South Park, CO 9.

The Pikes Peak Soccer Bar & Club, Pikes Peaks, CO 10.

The Bar on Colorado Blvd., Denver, NV 11.

The Blue Hole Sports Bar-Downstairs, Denver Bar-downstairs, CO 12.

The North Park Sports Bar in North Park, Denver Denver, CA 13.

The Loveland Sports Bar on The Lo.veland Blvd., Loveland, CO 14.

The High Country Sports Bar at High Country, High Country CO 15.

The Little Bighorn Sports Bar/Club, Loveland Little Bight, CO 16.

The Roxy Sports Bar with the Roxy, Loveless, CO 17.

The Red River Sports Bar (aka Red River) in Denver, Denver CO 18.

The Belly Up Lounge in Denver (formerly the Belly) Denver,CO 19.

The Tuckerman Sports Bar Denver, Colo 20.

The Corner Lounge in Boulder, Boulder, CO The Best Bars and Bars for Soccer in Denver: 1.

Old Denver sports bar, Old Colorado, Colorado (formerly Red River in Denver) 2.

Rocky Mountain club, Rocky Mountains, Colorado(formerly Tuckermans in Boulder) 3.

Silver City sports bar/grill, SilverCity, Colorado, Denver Metro area 4.

Silver Springs sports bar & club, SilverSprings, Colorado5.

North Park sports bar in NorthPark, Denver metro area 6.

Westfield sports bar and grill, Westfields, Colorado7.

NorthPark sports bar with the Rocky Mountain Bar- Downstairs, NorthPark Denver, Metro area 8.

Tuckerville Sports Bar to South Park (aka The Lo-Bighorn), Tuckervilles, Colorado9.

The Rio Grande Sports Bar by the Rio Grande, Rio Grande Valley, Colorado10.

The Coachella Valley Sports Bar Coachelleria, Coachellas, CA 11.

Colorado Basketball Club, ColoradoBasketball, CO12.

Northstar Basketball Club Denver,Colorado13.

The Cresco Sports BarDenver, CO14.

The Great American Bar in the Park, Great American Park, Colorado15.

The Club Lobo in the Downtown Denver Mall, Denver Downtown, CO16.

The Black Bear Sports Bar Downtown, DenverDenver,CO17.

The Staggered Bar Denver (aka Staggers) in Downtown Denver, Downtown Denver 17.

Blue Hole sports bar at High Mountain, High Mountain CO18.

The Ballroom in the Sky, DenverBallroom, CO19.

The Back Alley Bar at The Back Bay, DenverBack Bay, CO20.

The Doubletree by The Ball & Chain Denver,Denver, Colorado