The NNI is celebrating its inaugural season in the Novi Sports Club.

The club was established by a group of friends after they were inspired by the sport in a local gym.

A new sports and fitness facility will be opened at the Novis in the coming weeks.

“It’s going to be the most exciting thing in the world,” said Joe Mancuso, who started his career as a trainer at the gym and now trains at the club.

“We are excited about that because we are going to have an amazing facility for everybody.

There are no barriers for everybody.”

A new gym will be set up in the Nni.

Photo by Joe Mincuso The Nni is located in the village of Novi, about an hour from the village.

The gym was opened in 2015 by Joe and his partner, Tino.

Joe and Tino had always wanted to be involved in the sport.

“I used to have a big interest in it, but I didn’t like the way it was organized,” Joe told Bleacher Sports.

“The training area was very small.

I thought it was not fair to everyone, that it wasn’t just a few guys who were doing this.

I just wanted to create something for everybody, so that everyone could participate.”

Joe and the rest of the friends started working together and created the NNIC gym.

“After a couple of years of working together, we realized that we could be the ones who were going to make it happen,” Joe said.

“When the idea came up, we were not looking for any big money, we wanted to start the new generation.

We were looking for a group to build something together and we were really excited about the idea of the N NI Sports Club.”

The NNISports Club will be open from Monday to Saturday.

Joe, who lives in Denver, said he will stay at the house until the opening of the facility on Saturday.

“If there’s a big event like the Super Bowl or World Series, I’m going to stay at home and play,” he said.

Joe said he has already made plans for family and friends to visit.

“There’s no place to go that doesn’t have the N NNI, it’s like a family,” he told Bleachers.

“But, if you have a lot of people coming, it becomes even more crowded.

There’s no way I can stay at a place that has such a large crowd.

There have been so many great people coming here and I hope they come again.”

The opening of a new facility in the city of Novis is a positive step forward for the Novicas team.

Photo courtesy of Joe Mascuso and Toni Fournier.