Xavi, the Chilean goalkeeper who played in Argentina for four years, has revealed that he is in talks with former Chilean club Pele over a new contract.

The move, which would see him join the Argentina side in 2019, would bring him a massive salary of almost $20 million a year.

Pele is reportedly interested in signing Xavi in 2018 but the Chilean club has reportedly rejected his offer.

“Pele wants me for 2018,” Xavi said.

“They are trying to bring me here.

It is a great opportunity for me.”

Xavi’s departure would not only see his current team relegated, it would also leave the club in the midst of a financial crisis.

Peleg will be the first Chilean in the last decade to leave the Santiago Bernabeu.

It remains to be seen if Pele will sell him, and the current owners of the club will have to make some tough decisions if they wish to avoid bankruptcy.

The team will likely look to sell the club’s remaining players, including Xavi.

“The problem is that Pele wants to sign me,” Xaviel said.

“[The Argentine club] is willing to let me leave, but we need to find another solution.

The Pele offer is better than the one we had with the club.

I am ready to join Pele.

We are in the same boat.”