on the new FIFA 18 update article Posted October 17, 2018 05:14:22The FIFA 18 game has been out for a couple of weeks now and the update is finally here.

It’s a big one, with new stadiums, new competitions, a brand new player roster and more.

It also adds a new feature called the Player Manager, which allows you to create your own team and keep track of how your team stacks up against other teams.

It looks pretty good.

If you’ve played FIFA 17 or 17.10, you’ll know that FIFA 18 is essentially a game where you can take a squad of 10 or 15 players, and tweak them to your own liking.

There are plenty of options in the new game.

FIFA 18 has a new roster system, too, where players can be tweaked to suit your style.

The new FIFA Team Manager can be very helpful for players who want to try something new, and it also makes the game much easier to use.

In the new update, players now have a team selection screen in which they can easily pick their own player.

The roster screen also shows players by name, and can also be sorted by position.

If FIFA is your main game, FIFA 18’s roster system is a welcome addition.

I’ve played many of the other games in the series over the years, and I’m often surprised at how well it performs.

I’m especially impressed with how easy it is to create and maintain teams.

I haven’t seen any other game that makes so much of a difference in my experience with the game.