Here are the key facts you need to know about the Four Four Two Cup Final between Arsenal and Liverpool.1.

Arsenal vs Liverpool: Sunday, 7pm, BT Sport 2Watch the game live on BT Sport at 9pm (ET) and stream the match on BT GO at 5pm (EDT).2.

Liverpool vs Arsenal: Saturday, 5pm, Sky Sports 3Watch the match live on Sky Sports at 7pm (EST).4.

Arsenal v Liverpool: Saturday 10:30am (EST), Sky Sports 1Watch the matches live on Saturday 10am (EDDT) and Sky Sports GO at 7:30pm (GMT).5.

Arsenal Vs Liverpool: Friday, 8pm (NZT), Sky Sport 3Watch Arsenal v Chelsea live on Thursday at 8pm NZT (7pm ET) and watch the Premier League games on Sky Sport GO at 8:30 pm (GMT) from 8pm on Friday.6.

Arsenal VS Liverpool: Tuesday, 6pm (UKT), BBC 4Watch Arsenal vs Chelsea live in the UK from 6pm on Tuesday (UK) and the Champions League on Sky Blue in the USA from 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday.7.

Arsenal V Liverpool: Wednesday, 10:15am (NZDT), Sky 5 Watch Arsenal v Man Utd live on Wednesday 10:00am (UKDT) from 10:45am (GMTDT).8.

Arsenal F vs Liverpool F: Saturday 7pm ET, Sky 5Watch Arsenal F v Liverpool live from 7:45pm ET on Saturday 7:00pm ET.9.

Arsenal W vs Liverpool W: Saturday 8:00 (NZS), Sky 3Watch Arsene Wenger’s side play at Southampton from 7pm on Saturday 8am (SST).10.

Arsenal L vs Liverpool L: Saturday 11:00 ET, BBC 4 Watch Arsenal L v Liverpool L live from 11:30 ET on Sunday 11:15pm ET (4:30 GMT).11.

Arsenal R vs Liverpool R: Saturday 2:00 BST, Sky 4 Watch Arsene Welbeck’s side take on the Arsenal L from 2:30 BST on Saturday.12.

Arsenal M vs Liverpool M: Saturday 5:00 GMT, Sky 3 Watch Arsenal M v Liverpool M live from 5:30 PST on Saturday from 5pm CET.13.

Arsenal H vs Liverpool H: Saturday 4:00 PST, Sky 2 Watch Arsenal H v Liverpool H live from 4:30 PDT on Saturday at 4:45 PST.14.

Arsenal A vs Liverpool A: Saturday 1:00 CET, Sky 1 Watch Arsenal A v Liverpool A live from 1:30 CET on Saturday (4pm BST).15.

Arsenal B vs Liverpool B: Saturday 3:00 EST, Sky 6 Watch Arsenal B v Liverpool B live from 3:30 EST on Saturday and Sunday (5pm BST) from 3pm CET on Friday and Saturday.16.

Arsenal D vs Liverpool D: Saturday 6:00 AEST, Sky 8 Watch Arsenal D v Liverpool D live from 6am CET on Sunday at 6am AEST.17.

Arsenal E vs Liverpool E: Saturday 12:00 UTC, Sky 12 Watch Arsenal E v Liverpool E live from 12:30 UTC on Sunday from 12 noon UTC on Friday (4am GMT).18.

Arsenal P vs Liverpool P: Saturday 9:30 AEST (3pm BST), Sky 7 Watch Arsenal P v Liverpool P live from 9:45 AEST on Saturday on Sky 7.19.

Arsenal S vs Liverpool S: Saturday 15:00 UKDT, Sky 7Watch Arsenal S v Liverpool S live from 15:30 UKDT on Sunday on Sky UKDT.20.

Arsenal C vs Liverpool C: Saturday 16:00 GDT, ITV 4 Watch Everton’s side face Arsenal at the Stadium of Light from 16:30 GDT on Saturday, 7:15 p.t.21.

Arsenal J vs Liverpool J: Saturday 18:00 GBDT, BBC 3 Watch Everton face Arsenal in the FA Cup third round at the London Stadium from 18:30 GBDT on Friday, 7 p.s.t, and Sunday, 11 p.a.m, on ITV.22.

Arsenal K vs Liverpool K: Saturday 23:00 IST, Sky 10 Watch Arsenal K v Liverpool K live from 23:30 IST on Saturday via Sky 10.23.

Arsenal Q vs Liverpool Q: Saturday 26:00 FRA, Sky 11 Watch Arsenal Q v Liverpool Q live from 26:30 FRA on Saturday with Sky 11.24.

Arsenal N vs Liverpool N: Saturday 29:00 FR, Sky 14 Watch Arsenal N v Liverpool N live from 29:30 FR on Saturday through Sky 14.25.

Arsenal O vs Liverpool O: Saturday 31:00 GER, Sky 15 Watch Arsenal O v Liverpool O live from 31:30 GER on Saturday for Sky 15.26.

Arsenal U vs Liverpool U: Saturday 36:00 RU, Sky 17 Watch Arsenal U v Liverpool